Reading newspapers in a small, one room library in an Indian village was my lens to the outside world. I read about opulence and abundance beyond my imagination and abject poverty with starving children. From immigrating to the United States for college, taking the first right job, and to my early retirement, there have been many trials, tribulations and triumphs—each requiring the courage to travel across uncharted territories. As a seed stage, angel investor focused on impact investments, I know the odds for success are minuscule for the start-up companies to return my investments. However the price is small when these companies succeed to benefit the society. It is the confidence and wisdom I gained through conquering the unknowns that I was able to aspire and tackle new frontiers.

This is why I am successful as an angel investor. It is with immense gratitude and thankfulness to the beautiful souls who allowed me to see farther that I have achieved so much.