I was officially appointed as Eneza Education’s CEO in August 2016. Being the CTO was all about tools and Slack and as little communication with my team as was needed—we were automation nerds who enjoyed chatting about the things that excited us. I didn’t realize spending most of my time with non-techies would be such a pivotal learning experience. I assumed that I knew the team better than my cofounder and that it would be a breeze.

I founded Eneza to bring out kids’ voices even when I knew that my cofounder’s goal was to make the teacher’s work easier. Why? Kids are more open to learn. Adults are more set in their ways. Kids are curious. Adults may have seen too much of the world to see more. However, the more I worked with these extremely skilled, rather reserved members of the other teams, I noticed that their voices are still unheard. Their curiosity and boldness is there, glaring at me but untapped. Why? The broken education system that nerds have been able to rise above and trash is still holding others hostage in some way or another. Now, we have actively decided that these untapped reservoirs of potential have to be our learners, just like our kids. Now, our re-established vision to “use learning technology to change you and your customer’s lives” resonates and motivates me more than ever. We are creating the hand that leads you to find a place where we can rise against the world and be our boldest selves. The team is excited more than ever to be part of the experience, because learning is forever.