It often seems there’s a general consensus that “complex problems need complex solutions,” and in my opinion this school of thought is the reason why problems are getting worse. Simple ideas and innovations, like cooking with a special piece of iron, can have a profound global impact. Let me explain.

Iron deficiency is the most common micronutrient deficiency in the world. Found in every country, it predominantly affects people living in poverty—especially women and children on marginal diets. Despite a concerted international effort in the light of comprehensive scientific knowledge about how to solve this problem, the number of person-years lived in disability from iron deficiency increased over the last decade. Though this issue is incredibly complex, the solution is simple. Boiling our specially formulated iron ingot (cast in the shape of a fish that is a symbol of good luck) can add your daily required iron intake to your diet and help treat and prevent iron deficiency. Turning this simple idea into a global social enterprise was, and still is, an incredibly daunting task. However we needed to step up and provide our solution to those who need it.