In childhood, we both dreamed of living on the other side of the world. So when we met, we quickly asked each other: “Would you live abroad?” Eventually, we promised ourselves we’d move upon marriage. After our wedding, we began working for the first Internet startups and “life happened”—five tech companies and three kids later, we lived in Silicon Valley.

I still vividly remember the morning of 9/11. Having just returned from my run, I watched the twin towers fall on live television. Seeing thousands of papers flying out like a ticker tape parade, I thought how “important” they were just minutes earlier. Yet they became meaningless. I reflected on how fragile my life was and asked: “Is what I’m doing meaningful?”

We didn’t know where we’d end up. But it became clear we were embarking on a new journey. Several years later, we moved with our three young kids to Kyrgyzstan, a small landlocked country located along the ancient Silk Road. Although we previously didn’t even know it existed, we moved there, learned Russian, and pioneered one of its first tech startups: Inkubasia. We launched, which instantly became a killer app for public transportation. Last month, we launched InkubasiaLAB, Uncharted’s first Lab in Central Asia, inviting nine professionals from Apple, Facebook, Google, and Silicon Valley startups as facilitators. While our next steps remain unknown, connecting Silicon Valley to this “Silk Valley” to empower social entrepreneurs is an exciting adventure of faith filled with joy!