We are moving into uncharted territory. Help us chart the course.


We’re so excited to launch our Signature Program, an annual program that pulls in people, resources, and support from across the world, all centered around one problem.

Choosing the problem shouldn’t be up to us. It should be up to you—the person living and experiencing the problem, and/or the person who’s dedicated his or her life to learning more about the problem and how to solve it.

This is a call to action to submit the problem you want to see solved. If we choose yours, we’ll fly you out to take part in our signature program.

Submit your Problem Below!


Your entry will receive extra eyes and bonus points from us if you share your story and/or video on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #WhatsYourProblem.

Plus, we want to start a global conversation around problems YOU’RE experiencing, to drive larger and more urgent discussions.

The fine print

  • We’ll be running this program in 2018, the exact dates coming soon
  • If we select your problem and story, you’ll receive an all-expenses paid trip to where we host the program
  • All of our programs look a bit different, but you can get a sense of what they are like here