Meet our selected ventures

About the ventures

Birdseed Collective: Birdseed Collective’s mission is to provide the “Art of Healthy Living” by transforming the lives of artists, youth, individuals, and communities through visionary art and civic projects and programs.

Bondadosa: Bondadosa connects food producers to consumers through a robust delivery operation. 

Focus Points Family Resource Center: Focus Points connects the residents of GES to important services such as early childhood education programs, workforce development, family support services, and more.

GES Coalition: The GES Coalition takes a proactive approach to community health by organizing around health and housing justice and supporting mutual aid efforts that sustain neighbors-helping-neighbors through block-level efforts, support, and outreach.

The GrowHaus: In response to the COVID-19 crisis, The GrowHaus is assembling and distributing food packages containing fresh produce, dry goods, and cultural food staples.

Here’s what the ventures will receive:


$10K in Funding

Each nonprofit will receive a $10,000 unrestricted grant.


World-Class Mentors

1:1 meetings and personalized advice.


Executive Coaches

Executive and fundraising coaches to build leadership skills and business acumen.


Rapid Prototyping Curriculum

A playbook for adapting operations to the changing landscape.


Ongoing Support

Our team will respond to venture needs as they arise.

Timeline of events

Identify Frontline Ventures

March 30 - April 10

Through community outreach and research, identified 12 nonprofits working in the GES neighborhoods that are providing emergency access to healthy foods.

Provide Emergency Funding


Recognizing that organizations needed immediate funding, we led with a $10k grant.

Strategic Planning and Matchmaking


We will work with each venture to identify which areas of their business they need the most support to scale up their operations. Then, we provide personalized support via mentor introductions, executive coaching, and rapid prototyping curr

Program Wrap-Up

Winter 2020

Impact assessment, feedback survey, learning sessions, and air fives.

Keep Up To Date With the Program

In the coming months, there will be several ways for those who live and work in Globeville and Elyria-Swansea to get involved with the program. Please share your email below to stay updated on program news and announcements. 

In Partnership With

To find out more about the program, you can contact the Uncharted team through text message and voicemail at (720) 295-5034, or email at Additional ambassadors of the program include The GrowHaus team.