Application Materials

We are no longer accepting new submissions for this project. If you applied prior to the February 14th deadline, you can still access your application and make changes here.

What Selected Projects Will Receive


In-Person Workshops

Attend workshops with a focus on building plans for sustainability and long-term growth.



Introductions to mentors who typically commit to at least six months of formal advising.


Start-Up Funding

Monetary support to launch or otherwise support the initial phases of each project.


Investor Introductions

Key introductions to relevant investors who might be able to further support the growth of a project.


Peer Collaboration

Access to other project teams that can generate fresh thinking on challenges and opportunities.

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Customized Supports

Additional tools and resources matched to the specific needs of each project.

Timeline of Events

Goal Setting

December 2019

We will work with the community to set goals for the program and identify selection criteria.

Application Period

January 2020

Selection criteria will be decided by residents and local businesses and nonprofits. Stay tuned for their decisions!

Application Review and Selection

February 2020

We will work with the community to select projects best positioned to benefit from the program.

Projects Announced

March 2020

We will publicly announce—with lots of celebration—the projects that are selected to participate in the program.

Program Support Begins

March 2020

We will begin to swarm projects with the tools and resources they need to take the next step.

Projects Launch

May 2020

Another time for celebration! Project teams will begin sharing their products or services with the community.

Keep Up To Date With the Program

In the coming months, there will be several ways for those who live and work in Globeville and Elyria-Swansea to get involved with the program, from joining the interview and selection committee to submitting ideas to providing project feedback. Please share your email below to stay updated on program news and announcements. 

In Partnership With

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At The Table: A Food Access Program is a new program that will support projects in Globeville and Elyria-Swansea that are working to improve the local food system so that every person has access to healthy, affordable, and culturally relevant food—for themselves, their families, and their communities. The program will ultimately provide a select group of organizations the support they need to scale their solutions within and across the neighborhoods.

  • Residents of Globeville and Elyria-Swansea have long made the case that it is vitally important for the well-being of their neighborhoods that we improve the local food system. While there are many incredible people and organizations working tirelessly toward this goal, they have yet to reach the scale necessary to fill the gaps. 

  • We believe we can most effectively support projects in building their capacity through a combination of skills and network development. To that end, selected projects will receive early financial support, customized training and resources, exclusive access to our network of mentors and funders, and assistance building plans for sustainability and long-term growth.

  • All selected projects will receive funding (a minimum of $8,000) to assist in launching or further developing their product or service. Project teams may be asked to provide an estimated budget through the application. Additional funding to selected projects beyond the initial $8,000 will vary depending on unique needs. 

  • We are working in partnership with other organizations and nonprofits to reach residents wherever they are. Our partners are helping to share information about getting involved with the program, from signing up for regular project updates, to helping select the projects that will participate in the program, to helping projects to test, refine, and provide feedback to improve solutions so they work better for residents.

    Ways residents can be involved include:

    • Fill out a community input survey
    • Attend program meetings and events
    • Join the interview and selection committee
    • Join the product pilot testing group
    • Stay updated on program news and announcements
    • Spread the word about the program with family and friends

    Compensation and other incentives will be provided for participants’ time and efforts.

  • At The Table: A Food Access Program is brought to you by Uncharted, a local nonprofit that connects people to the resources and support they need to scale their solutions to the most pressing problems of our time. For this program, we are working in partnership with other organizations like our friends at The GrowHaus and CREA Results.

  • Our programs connect people to the resources and support they need to scale their solutions to the most pressing problems of our time, using a multidisciplinary approach that mobilizes a vast network of mentors, funders, partners, and communities. Together, we tap into the power of shared ideas, resources, and networks. To date, we have helped our network raise $315 million, create impact in 96 countries, and benefit 55 million lives around the world.

  • The program focuses on the neighborhoods of Globeville & Elyria-Swansea (GES). There are times when elements of the program might require travel to other neighborhoods in Denver such as the Cole neighborhood, which is where the Uncharted office is located. 

  • We are making a commitment to support two to three projects for more than a year. 

  • Funding decisions will be determined from recommendations by the interview and selection committee (made up of Uncharted staff and GES residents). The committee members will be selected by recommendation from community partners, demonstrated interest, and/or demonstrated commitment to the success of At The Table.

  • Specific requirements to apply will be determined through our community meetings in the coming months. That said, we are intentionally seeking a diverse group of projects so that project teams can learn from one another, and can generate fresh thinking on how to better address lack of food access across neighborhoods and contexts.

    We also know that we will only accept applications from legally registered and organized entities such as schools, businesses, companies, non-profits, partnerships, cooperatives, and community organizations. Interested individuals and community groups may require a fiscal sponsor to be eligible. Partnerships and collaborative projects—those with direct involvement from residents holding staff and/or advisory roles—are highly encouraged to apply. All projects must be backed by teams that are capable to implement the project immediately, proven by a solid base of knowledge, resources, infrastructure, and relationships.

  • Since this program is rooted in community involvement, we see project teams as co-creators of the experience. Our goal is to design the program to meet the needs and challenges of project teams and to learn from them and refine the program over time. 

    Specific expectations and time commitments include:

    • Full participation in a multi-day launch event as well as monthly meetings throughout the program, from March through August of 2020. Meetings may rotate to different locations around the neighborhood—and sometimes Denver as a whole. 
    • Approximately five to ten hours each month for additional activities, including developing and pursuing a plan for scale as well as sharing insights and learnings with others in the program.
    • Communication with staff at Uncharted as needed between monthly meetings.

To find out more about the program, you can contact the Uncharted team through text message and voicemail at (720) 295-5034, or email at Additional ambassadors of the program include The GrowHaus team.