Our team is obsessed with learning how to solve problems, being our (wonderfully) weird selves, supporting one another, and office snacks.

A Few Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts to give a glimpse into what working at Uncharted is like:

  • Our team theme song is this Funeral March remix
  • We have two music videos that went completely viral with 405 views and 144 views–and counting!
  • Then, one of our teammates decided to one-up us, and went viral with a speech that received over 100K views
  • We prefer fax machines over any other communication tool
  • We practice “no eye-contact Thursdays” and ARE ESPECIALLY SERIOUS ABOUT “ALL CAPS FRIDAYS”

Our Openings

We don’t have any job openings right now. However, we’d love to know if you might be interested in working with us in the future! Enter your details below and rest assured you’ll be the first to know when opportunities come up.


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