Jan 2009

The beginning

Unreasonable Institute (now Uncharted) was co-founded in Boulder, Colorado by Teju Ravilochan, Tyler Hartung, and Daniel Epstein, with help from Nikhil Dandavati and Vladimir Dubovskiy.

May 2010

First global institute!

We ran our first global institute in Boulder, Colorado with 22 ventures from 15 countries. We ran five additional institutes thereafter.

Aug 2014

Two new countries

By August, Unreasonable East Africa and Unreasonable Mexico had run their first program in partnership with Rockefeller Foundation and Halloran Philanthropies.

Apr 2015

Empowering through Labs

We ran our first 10 labs, weeklong programs that empower local teams to support early-stage entrepreneurs in places like India, Morocco, and Japan.

Jun 2015

Shift in revenue model

We tried a revenue share model with entrepreneurs in our Global Institute. We decided this wasn’t financially viable and realized entrepreneurs weren’t going to be the “payer” for our model. This impacted our new approach to a sustainable and scalable revenue model.

Jun 2016

First issue-centered program

After hearing feedback from entrepreneurs that a problem-centered program would be more helpful to them, and thanks to a partnership with Gary Community Investments, we ran our first ever issue-specific program: Early Childhood Accelerator.


Future Cities Accelerator

In 2017, we ran the Future Cities Accelerator, a program designed to accelerate solutions that improve the lives of the poor and vulnerable in U.S. cities

May 2017

City of Denver

We launched the Food Access Program with the City of Denver, a program that addresses the issue of food deserts and empowers ventures working to increase access to healthy, fresh foods in low-income neighborhoods.

Jul 2017

We became Uncharted


On July 25th 2017, we launched our new name, website, and vision for how to tackle problems around the globe. Uncharted represents that our world, and how we improve it, is not fixed. There is no single way to solve problems, so we must head into the uncharted and learn what it takes.

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