We take the long view

In a world obsessed with the short-term, we take the long view. Lasting change is the work of generations, so we remind each other to lift our heads and think beyond the frenzy of the day-to-day. We press forward with equal parts short-term pluck and long-term vision.

We use our power to advance equity

We do our work with full knowledge that our economic and social systems are broken and unjust. We seek out every opportunity to reject structural inequities and advance racial justice. We are explicit and unrelenting in our pursuit of elevating overlooked voices, challenging norms, sharing power, and creating equitable access to opportunities and networks. At every turn, we ask ourselves if and how Uncharted can be a force for equity in a world of inequity.

We value bravery over brilliance

We believe in people before others do, embrace the imperfection of unproven ideas, and boldly explore the uncharted territory. We won’t always get it right, we’ll make mistakes, but we believe that perfectionism is overrated. If we’re not falling short from time to time, we’re not thinking big enough.

We bring our whole selves

We create spaces where we can be our whole selves. Spaces where we can be wonderfully weird, where we can be vulnerable, where we can learn like a child, and where we can be open with our thoughts and feelings (even when we’re scared to). We have hard conversations, we share our failures publicly, we remember to dance, we take time to laugh, and we prize authenticity.

We lean on our collective strength

We’ve been told stories of how the heroic individuals are the ones that change the world, but the work of addressing society’s biggest challenges is powered by many; each individual doing their part, bringing their expertise to build something bigger than any one person can on their own. We consider our strength not just in our own abilities, but in all the people who march alongside us. We are relentless about asking for help when we know we can’t do it alone because we are stronger together.