That’s a good question

  • The Uncharted venture funding team has built relationships with over 540 representatives from many of the world’s top funds, foundations, angels, and capital partners, focused on organizations in the social and environmental space. We call these our funders.

  • No, our only ask of funders is that they are open to engagement with our ventures.

    • Some funders could potentially fund Uncharted ventures, but this is not an expectation.
    • Some funders are not able to or interested in funding Uncharted ventures.
    • All funders are driven by one thing: helping Uncharted ventures succeed in their fundraising efforts.
  • Yes, you can attend as a resource for entrepreneurs. Funders who come to our accelerators help ventures prepare to take on funding. They act as mentors but through a funding lens. Email us to discuss attending a program in person.

  • Today, Aunt Bertha has raised over $5 million. They received 80% of their initial round of funding ($100,000) from angel funders they met through an Uncharted program. Read the case study