Explore how we might pull in people from our network around different issues.

Examples of our network coming together

  • Traveling across the world

    Tom Chi, former UX lead at Google X, traveled to Guatemala to help Kingo prototype a new distribution model for their off-grid solar charging boxes, leading to a fundamental change in their model.

  • Enlisting an entire company

    Rick Sterling, founder of the global branding consultancy Sterling Rice Group, joined MANA’s board and enlisted his whole company in prototyping its new product: the Calorie Cloud.

  • Connections to TED and The New York Times

    Kim Scheinberg was EcoFuel Africa's first investor, also helping their founder Moses Sanga speak at TED, where he spoke and received a standing ovation. She also connected him to a reporter who featured him in The New York Times.

We believe in people who move into the uncharted. Read their moments of bravery that have created lasting impact.

Vien Truong

"Six of the ten places in the United States with the dirtiest air are in California. My family and I live in Oakland, a city ranked fourth on the list. Heavy smog and soot in the air has left my community riddled with poverty, expensive groceries, and sicker people. This was not the Oakland I envisioned growing up nor is it the future I wish for my kids."

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Kago Kagichiri

"Being the CTO was all about tools and Slack and as little communication with my team as was needed—we were automation nerds who enjoyed chatting about the things that excited us. I didn’t realize spending most of my time with non-techies would be such a pivotal learning experience. I assumed that I knew the team better than my cofounder and that it would be a breeze."

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FuMing and Elaine

"In childhood, we both dreamed of living on the other side of the world. So when we met, we quickly asked each other: "Would you live abroad?" Eventually, we promised ourselves we'd move upon marriage. After our wedding, we began working for the first Internet startups and "life happened"—five tech companies and three kids later, we lived in Silicon Valley."

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Toni Maraviglia

"About three weeks after first conceiving Eneza, I made a decision. Over my first meal of the day, a banana split at 5pm, I called up the top-ten business school where I was enrolled and told them I wanted to cancel my enrollment. When they asked me why, I responded, “I have an idea, and it can change the lives of half a billion children. It’s important.""

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Praful Shah

"Reading newspapers in a small, one room library in an Indian village was my lens to the outside world. I read about opulence and abundance beyond my imagination and abject poverty with starving children. From immigrating to the United States for college, taking the first right job, and to my early retirement, there have been many trials, tribulations and triumphs—each requiring the courage to travel across uncharted territories. "

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Mirta Desir

"Like most Haitian-Americans, I heard about the earthquake in Haiti from family, followed by the words, "turn on the news." For the first 12 hours I watched, listened, and grieved. But I could only do that briefly, because grieving can be done after helping the living. "

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Gavin Armstrong

"It often seems there's a general consensus that “complex problems need complex solutions,” and in my opinion this school of thought is the reason why problems are getting worse. Simple ideas and innovations, like cooking with a special piece of iron, can have a profound global impact. Let me explain."

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Ayla Schlosser

"I grew up in a household with a strong feminist mother, a supportive father, and with the understanding that I could do anything I put my mind to. Yet at 20 years old, I was unable to recognize or admit to myself or others that I was in an abusive relationship. I was able to extricate myself from that relationship, but it changed my perception of strength and the origin of confidence."

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