July 25, 2017

When we first started Unreasonable Institute, we had no idea it would be the hardest thing we’ve ever done in our lives. And also the most rewarding.

There is something profoundly human to the idea of doing what we have never done before. It’s a part of every one of our stories. None of us is born knowing how to walk, talk, solve calculus equations, run marathons, run companies, or communicate through differences. But we learn. Awkwardly, haltingly, and even slowly, sometimes, but we still learn.

Our question has always been this: How can we point that profoundly human spirit to venture into the unknown toward our most perplexing challenges? Today, we’re excited to unveil an identity that puts this poignant question at the center of all we do.

Today we have become Uncharted. And it is not, by any means, because we know what it will take to put a dent in our biggest problems. It’s because we don’t know. But we see our mission as converting the unknown into the known—charting the course from the impossible to the possible.

We support brave pioneers who have the courage to go where there are no maps. We unite them around a common unknown, and we build the army they need to chart the course, helping us all find our way to a better world.

This is Uncharted. Welcome to our maiden voyage!

Banks Benitez and Teju Ravilochan
President and CEO
Co-founders of Uncharted