November 5, 2018

At the beginning of this year, Visible and Uncharted launched Visible Connect and selected nine mobile tech nonprofits for the first cohort, bringing them all together in Denver for a five-day boot camp. We wanted to place the power of our phones at the center of everything we did to help entrepreneurs accelerate their nonprofits.

But this year’s program with Visible looked a little different from other accelerator programs. And that’s what we want to talk about here.

Our team commits to taking care of the human before the entrepreneur. We want to see the person behind the pitch, and the struggle and stress behind the sales, strategies, and successes.

Visible Connect was an opportunity to remind entrepreneurs the importance of taking care of themselves. Being an entrepreneur is hard — and we firmly believe in going beyond the accelerator model and providing a community that takes care of the whole person that comes through each program.

Here’s a look at what our teams pulled off during Visible Connect to make sure our nonprofit startups felt taken care of.


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