The Story Behind our Visible Connect Cohort

This post is by Uncharted teammate Joe Santini, one of our newest teammates who played a pivotal role in selecting our entrepreneurs for Visible Connect! You won’t want to miss his side of the story! Today, we announced the nine ventures we selected for Visible Connect. Over the next nine months, Uncharted and Visible are …

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July 24, 2018

Why Mobile?

These stories are in partnership with Uncharted and Visible. Learn more about our work together here. • • • Are you reading this on your phone? There’s a good chance you are. If not, did you just put your phone down to read this on your computer? If so, I bet your phone is right next to you, face up. …

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July 23, 2018

The Oslo Freedom Forum: “Like Comicon, only the heroes are real.”

This summer, a few of our teammates attended the Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF), a series of global conferences run by the Human Rights Foundation that provides a global platform for human rights defenders to share their stories. Uncharted teammate Quinn Middleton reflects on her time below in a unique setting: a dance floor. Mohamed Nasheed, the first democratically …

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December 21, 2017

#SetSail with us into 2018

2017 was a year of transition and change. In this end of year learning report, we want to acknowledge the handful of challenges we faced, and also point to how these challenges present really exciting opportunities as we #setsail into the new year. Read the full report!   While we have you, you should watch our …

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December 19, 2017

A note from our new CEO: Banks Benitez

As many of you read, Teju Ravilochan is transitioning out of his role as Uncharted’s CEO to pursue his next adventure, and our Co-Founder and President, Banks Benitez, will be stepping in as the CEO later this month. Here’s a letter he wrote to our network that describes where we are headed in 2018. Dear …

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December 14, 2017


This year, it’s predicted that $201M will be raised on Giving Tuesday, a 20% increase over the $168M raised in 2016. Where will you place your donor dollars? We work with extraordinary ventures who are moving the needle on large social and environmental issues. We’re proud of our small contribution towards their large success; we …

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December 6, 2017

Into the Uncharted: Tackling Urban Poverty

Last summer, we proposed a new idea: What would happen if we funded projects that fix systemic urban issues?

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November 30, 2017

Into the Uncharted: Food Access in Denver

We want to learn what happens when you build a coordinated movement of people who are tackling the same problem, just from different sides. Could we possibly make a significant and measurable dent in that problem?

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November 7, 2017

Welcome to Uncharted

When we first started Unreasonable Institute, we had no idea it would be the hardest thing we’ve ever done in our lives. And also the most rewarding. Today, we have become Uncharted.

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July 25, 2017