Our 3-Step Process


Step 1

Identify a single problem

We identify a specific, unsolved issue we want to take on—like access to healthcare, affordable housing, or the future of work. We examine that problem with a geographic focus—local, national, or global.


Step 2

Build a group to tackle it

We find extraordinary people pioneering solutions to different aspects of this issue. We bring them together to build a collective movement attacking the problem from all sides.


Step 3

Run a program to solve it

We run 6-18 month long programs consisting of boot-camps that unites entrepreneurs, partners, mentors, funders, and corporations around a specific problem with the goal to drive measurable outcomes.

Drawing from our vast network, we build coordinated movements of people—ventures, companies, foundations, governments, policy makers, funders, and more—who are all positioned to make a dent in a problem. Below, you can see hypothetical examples of how we might pull in real members of our network around different issues.

To give you a real-life example, take our Future Cities Accelerator:

1. We identified the need to serve poor and vulnerable populations in U.S. cities, and partnered with The Rockefeller Foundation

2. We built a cohort of 10 startups taking on different sides of urban poverty, including:

  • CommonLit, providing literacy training to nearly 1 million low-income children
  • mRelief, enabling over 100,000 families to gain access to SNAP Benefits (food stamps)
  • Coalition for Queens, improving incomes of low-income adults 4x through programming training

3. We ran a program that resourced them with an army of support, ranging from $100,000 in grant funding to nine months of support from world-class mentors, fundraising coaches, leadership coaches, financial modelers, and access to hundreds of potential funders


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