Tried-and-tested curriculum

Built around two of the biggest hurdles for early-stage entrepreneurs, the Playbook contains two curricula. Each curriculum is broken into workshops that can be delivered standalone or over the course of a five-day intensive accelerator. These workshops contain detailed facilitator guides, interactive presentations, and hands-on worksheets or activities for entrepreneurs. 

Resources for every step

We know that having excellent curriculum and delivery is only one part of the puzzle. First, you have to get there. The Playbook includes resources beginning with planning a timeline and building a team, moving through to follow-up email templates and post-program entrepreneur surveys.



Build a solid team with descriptions of team roles and responsibilities, communication tools, and tips on cultural practices.



Stay on track with easy-to-follow checklists for events, budgeting, fundraising, outreach, recruitment, and more.



Plan out and achieve your financing goals with an easy-to-use budget template and a how-to video.



Manage your marketing presence effectively, including talking points, social media tips, and press release templates.


Search and Selection

Find the right entrepreneurs for your program with ideal profiles, selection criteria, and application and interview questions.


Mentor Sourcing

Secure key mentors for your program from sourcing tips to guidelines for building powerful relationships.

From those who’ve licensed the Playbook

  • I was blown away...

    "I was blown away by the Playbook. So many entrepreneurs feel they are in the dark and the Playbook turned the lights on—being an important tool in democratizing access to funding knowledge and best practices. By utilizing the Playbook, we were able to provide our community with the best resources and support to scale their venture and impact."

  • Was of immense help...

    "The Uncharted Curriculum was of immense help; it provided structure and the checklists helped us to know what we were doing. We felt very supported knowing it had been tested. "

  • Hats off...

    "In general, I was really impressed with the Playbook—so hats off. It was amazing. Having the curriculum was great."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Playbook is a set of resources and curriculum built for people and organizations running programming for entrepreneurs. It’s an “accelerator-in-a-box” built so that those supporting entrepreneurs and running accelerators could access quality material and curriculum without having to reinvent the wheel. 

    The Playbook contains resources for teams to prepare for accelerator programming and two full curricula on Business Model Validation and Investment Preparedness.

  • It all started in 2014, when our team was dissatisfied with the small number of social impact ventures we could support by just running programs ourselves. We were committed to accelerating hundreds more social ventures around the world, and we were eager to increase our rate of learning about the most effective ways to scale impact ventures, so we prepared to scale.

    In the following year, we created a Playbook with start-to-finish instructions on how to run a bite-size version of our program, which we called a Lab. We selected 10 teams globally to partner with initially, and worked with them to start accelerator programs in their own regions, supporting them from our headquarters in Denver, Colorado.From 2015 to 2017, the Labs movement grew to support Labs in 30 locations around the globe from Sierra Leone to Spain. 

    We’ve since shifted from running Lab cohorts as our team priorities shifted. We now license our curriculum in the form of the Playbook to empower others to run their own accelerators. Licensing our curriculum achieves our original goal with developing the curriculum — we can get even more people involved with solving global issues through entrepreneurship by sharing the Playbook. 

  • The curriculum that Uncharted has developed didn’t come out of a textbook, but instead was developed through hours of testing on real-life entrepreneurs to determine the most effective approach for entrepreneurs to learn and apply the critical material needed to help them grow their venture.

    Our curriculum development team spent substantial time with industry experts to understand the concepts. Then, they developed prototypes of the curriculum and tested it on entrepreneurs to get a sense of if they were on the right track. After testing it, the curriculum development team went back and refined the curriculum based on learnings before updating it into the form and structure that is the Playbook. Every time we get feedback from users on what works and what doesn’t work regarding curriculum, we make updates and refine it. In this sense, developing curriculum is a team effort and is never finished, per se. But every time the curriculum is run, it gets better.

    We designed the curriculum always with an eye towards the entrepreneur’s experience. We prioritized applied-learning over lecture so entrepreneurs can use workshop time to make progress on their venture (not just hear someone speak), and we’re as conscientious about the spacing and sequencing of curriculum as we are about the content itself, so entrepreneurs can encounter the curriculum they need when they need it.

  • The Uncharted Playbook could be a great fit for you if you are:

    • A new social impact accelerator or startup accelerator looking to avoid reinventing the wheel and to kickstart your programming
    • An existing accelerator looking to amplify your existing programming with new curriculum and a fresh approach to delivery
    • A nonprofit or government organization running ongoing or one-off innovation or entrepreneurship programming 

    If you’re wanting to speed up your ability to run a high-quality program for early-stage entrepreneurs, the Playbook could be for you!

  • The Playbook speeds up an organization’s, or individual’s, ability to run a high-quality program because the wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented when it comes to:

    1. Resources
      • Entrepreneurs sourcing and selection information
      • Budget template and accelerator financing best practices
      • Mentor sourcing and outreach resources
      • Marketing and branding practices templates
      • Project management resources like logistic checklists and role management
    2. Curriculum
      • 40-hours of Business Model Validation curriculum
      • 40-hours of Investment Preparedness curriculum
      • Workshop guides, presentations, and worksheets for each curriculum module

    By using the Playbook, you can speed up the time it takes to run a great program by freeing you up to focus on the stuff that’s location-dependent like building relationships with entrepreneurs, mentors, and funders. 

  • All over the world! The Playbook curriculum has been used in over 35 countries on six continents.

  • The Business Model Validation curriculum is a 40-hour intensive curriculum is designed for prototype and pilot-stage entrepreneurs who are looking to rapidly and systematically validate their venture’s business model. Each workshop of the curriculum includes a facilitator guide, an interactive presentation, and a worksheet or handout for entrepreneurs. 

    This Lab will help entrepreneurs:

    1. Understand what their job description is as an early-stage entrepreneur
    2. Identify the foundational assumptions that underpin the venture
    3. Design and run experiments to validate or invalidate those foundational assumptions through customer discovery, rapid prototyping, engaging with world-class mentors, and building out a basic budget and financial model

    By the end of the Lab, entrepreneurs will have:

    • Completed a venture map identifying the foundational assumptions of the business
    • Learned a repeatable methodology for how to do customer discovery
    • Built one to two prototypes of a key element of their venture
    • Tested prototypes with real customers
    • Learned a methodology for how to build and maintain mentor relationships
    • Met and received feedback from mentors
    • Conducted a break-even analysis of their business and identified the key cost and financial assumptions of their business
    • Built out a basic budget and financial model
    • Created a 12-month strategic plan based on learnings in the program
    • Increased their confidence level about the foundational assumptions underpinning their venture
  • The Investment Preparedness curriculum is a 40-hour intensive curriculum is designed to provide entrepreneurs with both a clear understanding of the fundraising process and the elements their venture needs to be funding ready. Each workshop of the curriculum includes a facilitator guide, an interactive presentation, and a worksheet or handout for entrepreneurs.

    This Lab will help entrepreneurs:

    1. Understand what it takes to get from point A—where the company currently is—to point B—successfully closing a round of funding
    2. Understand the elements of funding readiness 
    3. Apply the understanding of those elements to their venture’s readiness
    4. Determine the amount and type of capital needed for their venture
    5. Understand how to build and maintain strong relationships with funders

    By the time the Lab is complete, entrepreneurs will have:

    • Learned what the fundraising process looks like, including the types of capital available
    • Learned a methodology for how to build and maintain investor relationships
    • Created a funding map identifying the level of completion of the different elements of funding readiness
    • Completed reality checks from Capital Advisers and received real and honest feedback on their investment preparedness
    • Practiced their investor pitch in front of Capital Advisers
    • Increased their confidence level about leading an investor meeting
    • Assembled financials, including a six-month fundraising action plan
    • Designed an 18-month strategic plan to become investable and identified the tools to get there
  • We selected Business Model Validation and Investment Preparedness because we’ve found these two curricula  to be the 20% of curriculum that is 80% most valuable for the majority of early-stage entrepreneurs.

  • We view using the Playbook as a professor would use a textbook in their college courses. The Playbook has recommended a five-day format for implementing each curriculum and includes pre-built material for each workshop. Licensees can run workshops outside of this format, add workshops relevant to their context, and modify examples to fit the locality. 

    Playbook licensees have the added credibility of utilizing curriculum built and tested by Uncharted, a US-based accelerator launched in 2009.

  • The Playbook is available on a license-based model. The cost of the license is on a sliding scale based upon the licensing organization’s budget. We’re happy to work with organizations to find an appropriate price point for them.

    If you have questions on what this could look like for you or your organization, please get in touch with

  • Of course! Please email to receive a demo of the Playbook, or if you have further questions not covered here.